Wedding Photography

Planning and preparation is the key to success in every event and your wedding is no different. Each wedding is planned exclusively with the Bride and Groom, with input from both sets of parents, so everyone is happy about what to expect and when to expect it. All weddings are conducted with two photographers; this allows us to capture even the little light-hearted moments which are often missed by less experienced photographers.
Fun is the key to the success.  If those participating in the day are having fun then that shows in the photographs. Each wedding starts in the morning with Bridal Preparation through the service, wedding portraits and we finish when the job is done, often way after the first dance.
Throughout your day, we aim to work quietly and unobtrusively while still capturing the images we need.  The wedding portraits location can be any location you desire and then we will continue on to the Reception to capture the family and friends too. We are happy to assist the amateur photographers who attend your wedding and will let them capture their own photographs as well.  The time the best man and often the bride worries about, the speeches are handled by us too. We are there to capture the reactions, the laughter and often tears from all those present. The dances can also be covered at request, using natural light to capture the ambiance and the intimacy of these moments especially for you.  No wedding would be complete without the cutting of the cake which is often the last photograph in the album and a wonderful moment for you to look back on.
When the bride and broom are away on their honeymoon it's back to work for us processing the images and backing up the files to secure and store them for eternity.  We post all images online, usually within a week, and provide our brides and grooms with their own unique username and password so they can view them from during their honeymoon, if they wish.